Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two Office Stories

Couple of stories from the office...

Press Conference

Last Wednesday, Big Dawg ran up to my desk. He is large and does not run quietly. He rumbled to a stop near my chair and shouted, "He might really be quitting this time!" Then he ran off again.

I was not the only one he shouted at, so pretty soon our little corner of the office was in an uproar. "Quitting? Who's quitting?"

Quitter?Dumbfounded, shocked and breathless, Big Dawg filled us in. Bret Favre had scheduled a press conference! Why would he have a random press conference in the middle of the week? "Maybe his ankle's bothering him more than he's let on," Big Dawg theorized. "The Vikings only have one backup behind him! This is going to be crazy!"

He kept gibbering with terrified excitement while the rest of went back to our desks. Big Dawg started searching the internet to find a live feed of the Earth-shattering news to come.

About a half hour later he slinked over to my desk, head hung low. "Turns out," he shamefully admitted, "Bret Favre has a weekly press conference on Wednesdays."

While we're on the subject of regularly scheduled meaningless time-wasting stuff, I'd like to point out that my next blog post will be up at 8:30 AM Friday, CST. :)


Remember the little plastic cotton candy cups that OoRah and I have been pranking each other with over the past year or so?

Unruly giraffeOoRah escalated things by gathering up 7 of those things. He caged every toy on my desk, as well as my mouse.

I waited a few months, and then last week I took those cups and stacked them all under OoRah's desk. The top two had bits of random desk debris in them (ink pen bits, mostly), so they'd make more noise when they fell.

When OoRah sat down the next morning, he didn't notice the cups. He also didn't extend his feet. It was nearly 2 hours later that he finally stuck his feet out and kicked the cups over.

The delayed "OoRah Mocking" event was fun. Most of us in the office knew about the stacked cups, so the reaction to OoRah finally finding them was quick.

Now, I await the eventual retribution, which I know is coming. :)



At 12:44 PM, Blogger Tiffany said...

I LOVE your Mr. Potato-R2. :)

That is all...

At 1:37 PM, Blogger jeff.w.mcclung said...


Actually, that's OoRah's desk. I have three potato heads... Spider-Spud, Opti-mash Prime, and Indiana Jones. :)


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