Friday, October 01, 2010

Neighborhood Watch

Our neighborhood has always had speeders. Prior to our house getting hit, we always considered them a nuisance. Now, we actively hate them.

Please?I decided to make a sign. I bought a blank "garage sale" sign and traced out some block letters and a simple design.

Most of the time, speeders ignore it. We did have one guy slow down a bit to read it. Then, he looked up and saw our house. He hit his breaks so hard that his back seat passengers bounced up to the front with him. They coasted through the rest of the neighborhood at walking speeds.

I threw a broken brick at his car anyway. I've got so many, I may as well use them for something.

A roving brick mason passed by at some point and put this in our mailbox:

Yeah, but I clean up nice.

This thing is glorious. Bless him for offering his services, but he didn't exactly put his best foot forward here. The card was bent, mangled, and dirty. He'd scratched out the bottom left phone number and hand-written in a new one.

We've pretty much picked out our worker bees for the restoration efforts, but I kept this card anyway. I may frame it. :)


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