Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Place

It was a long and winding conversation that eventually led to ... airplanes.

Air travel is inherently safe
"Airplanes tend to fly low near my house," Maarek explained. "I don't worry about the big commercial airliners though, because if they crash they'll take out the whole neighborhood and I'll never hear it coming. No problem."

OoRah blinked. "Actually, the survival rate for airplane crashes is about 80%."

"Yes, but I'll be on the ground."

Maarek's nonchalant pessimism made OoRah pause for a moment. "No," he countered, "That number includes people on the ground."

"You don't understand... I'll be *under* the plane."

They started talking at the same time. I stepped in and motioned to OoRah. "Don't bother him with facts, this is his 'Happy Place'. It makes him happy."

I'm coming to get you! Ha!
While OoRah laughed, I turned to Maarek. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll be killed on impact."

Maarek perked up happily. "Thanks!"

I don't understand why that's a comforting statement.

Jeff McClung... Peacemaker.


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