Friday, October 22, 2010


Out of nowhere, The Golfer showed up with two cookies.

Most of my co-workers had gone home, but OoRah and Big Dawg were still there with me. Big Dawg quickly turned down a cookie, which left one each for OoRah and myself.

The cookies were pretty big. "One has some kind of cinnamon apple sprinkles on top," explained The Golfer, "And the other is nuts."

"Gee," I said, looking at OoRah. "Which one of us is nuts?"

From behind came the voice of Big Dawg. "That's a tough call."

"I bet I'm more nuts than you," challenged OoRah.

"You could be right, except you're not!"

By end of the challenge / response time, the floor was covered in cookie crumbs, peanut fragments, and failed bravado (mostly mine). OoRah took the cinnamon apple cookie. I got the napkins.

Mmmmm... fiber.


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