Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Never Call

Respect mah authority!
I was deep in the bowels of the office when I ran into two of my favorite people... "Large" and "In Charge".

Large spread his arms expansively. "Hey!", he roared. "It's Jeff!"

I acted hurt. "You never call!", I complained at him. "You never write!"

Large grinned. "Just like how my family treats me."

In Charge chuckled. "No one wants to talk to you."

That's good enough for me...
Large ignored him and kept speaking to me. "How are you doing down there in your fancy office? Eatin' girl scout cookies and looking out the window?"

I nodded. "I might even turn my computer on this afternoon."

In Charge chuckled again. "Must be nice."

Can I get some pink armor?
Large continued to ignore him. "Oh, are you going to play a little Halo this afternoon?"

"If the mood strikes me."

In Charge shook his head. "Man, I haven't played Halo in years!" Large acted like he didn't hear him.

Eventually we parted company. In Charge was trailing Large like a shadow, chattering endlessly. I'm not convinced that Large knew he was there.


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