Monday, April 18, 2011

Imaginary Car

Today's story comes courtesy of LadyPatsFan's daughter Giggles.

LadyPatsFan was roaming the city with Giggles in tow. They left a school office after signing up for one of the events, and on her way out LadyPatsFan picked up parking permit.

I can see it... can't you?
As they walked out the door LadyPatsFan looked down and saw that Giggles had picked up a permit also. She asked, "Is that for Daddy's car?"

"No," Giggles replied. "It's for mine!"

LadyPatsFan grinned, knowing this was going to be cute. "Oh, you have a car?"

"Yeah, I've got an imaginary car but I hate it."

Even LadyPatsFan's fine-tuned maternal instincts wasn't expecting anything quite that good. "You hate it? Why?"

Giggles shrugged. "'cause it's red with pink polka dots."

I guess it's so expensive to get an imaginary car repainted, sometimes you just have to roll with what you've got.


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