Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Old Land Line

Big Dawg, OoRah and I were discussing cell phones. Big Dawg theorized that Land Lines wouldn't completely go away until cell phones have the ability to have more than one phone number attached to them.

Twice as nice, yo!
"They could have different ring tones," he explained. "Then you'd know, 'Oh, that one is my land line.' It could be the generic family number, but then everybody would have their own personal number as well."

I pondered this. "I hope that when that day comes, the name 'Land Line' sticks. Then, generations from now if you ask a kid 'Why is it called a land line?', he'll shrug and say, 'I dunno... it just is.'"

Big Dawg grinned. "They'll come up with wild ideas, like maybe the signal for the family number runs underground instead of through the air."

OoRah contributed. "The signal has to come up through your shoes, which is why you can't wear anything with rubber soles."

Please sir... I've no where else to go...
I put a hand up to my ear as if I was on the phone, and started jumping up and down. "Sorry, there's a lot of static on this line."

After the laughter died down, OoRah shared a bonus story. He's got a land line, but only telemarketers ever call it. He's trained his littlest daughter (5-ish) to pick up that phone when it rings and say, "I'm sorry, but we don't want any squirrels today." Then she hangs up.

I love it.


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