Thursday, October 26, 2006

An Abundance Of Camo

This apparently happened last year, but I just recently heard the story. It involves my sister, and my oldest nephew (who was 5 at the time of this story).

It seems that he had a camouflage jacket - a pretty nice one. He came home from school one day without it. My sister got onto him about it, hoping he'd learn to take better care of his stuff.

camouflage jacket 1The next day, he came home from school with his jacket. 'Sis checked it out - she thought she'd written his name in it, but this one didn't have any markings. She figured she'd just forgotten to do it, so she wrote his name in the jacket.

camouflage jacket 2Then, 'Sis went to the laundry room. There, in the pile of laundry was another camo jacket. This one didn't have my nephew's name in it, either.

camouflage jacket 3Then, the phone rings. It's somebody from his school. They told 'Sis that they'd found a camouflage jacket at school with nephew's name written in it.

My sister had to go to school and trade in her two ill-gotten camouflage jackets for her son's one legit jacket. And she got to explain why she'd written her son's name in one of the extras. :)


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