Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Random Threads

Da Bears1) That "Whump!" sound you heard last night late in the third quarter was all the "fans" jumping off the Chicago bandwagon. Then, after an amazing and improbable comeback, the frantic scratching noises you heard was everybody jumping back on. Today, all will deny that they ever doubted. :)

2) Last night's episode of "Heroes" was pretty good, but I have to admit Niki disappointed me. There was a ton of build-up about "Nega-Niki" and how monstrous this alter-ego was supposed to be. Once we finally got to *see* Nega-Niki, I was really expecting more than just some generic kung-foo action.

Wiggy3) Yesterday, we had servers at work that went "wiggy" (technical term). It made for a long day. Today... well, it looks like we might have more of the same. :(

4) Today, Mad Dogg / King Dork returns from his vacation in Puerto Rico. That means I can start giving him a hard time about how he left.

5) And finally, a shout-out of sorts for P-Ziddy. I saw that you dropped Culpepper from your fantasy football team... good move. :) But what,... no Harrington? ;)


At 11:42 AM, Anonymous PossiblySatan said...

I'm considering changing the name of my fantasy football team to Tidy Bowl. It seems to reflect my season outlook more accurately.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger jeff.w.mcclung said...

Update... Mad Dogg doesn't return from his vacation until tomorrow. [pout] I was lookin' forward to harassing him relentlessly today.


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