Friday, October 20, 2006

Stories From My Past: Hot For Teacher

One of my finer moments... that second right hand is actually Metacow'sOne year while I was in college, I was enrolled in a calculus class. I was single. I had been single for a long time, and I was trying to do something about it. The problem with this was that I was also a shy, socially inept nerd.

I had been observing other guys around me, seeing how they handled themselves. They weren't afraid, they didn't trip on their words, they made friends easily and with confidence. I had none of these traits in my favor.

It was day one of the new semester, and I was determined that this semester would be different. I would grow a backbone! I would say something to a female beyond "Uh... huh... uh..." In fact, as I sat waiting for my calculus class to start, I decided right then and there that I was going to say "Hi!" to the very next girl who walked by.

And I did. She was quite good-looking. She said "Hi!" back, and we began talking. Amazingly, I didn't faint, or "nerd out", or stammer. It was really weird... I was having a conversation with a woman I didn't know, and it was going well. This was definitely new territory for me. She was actually interested in getting to know me! And I liked her. She was interesting, and funny. I began to try to think of a way to invite her to sit next to me once class started.

...whoopsRING!!! The bell sounded... this was my moment! She interrupted my stammered "Uh... ww..ww..wwould you like to....?" question with, "Oh, sorry, I gotta go up there. Talk to you later!" With that, she jumped up to the front of the class, and started handing out her syllabus.

I had been hitting on the teacher.

"Brave, Confident, Outgoing Jeff" politely bowed out, and let "Shy, Nerdy, Goofball Jeff" take over for the rest of the semester.


At 12:51 AM, Blogger Fyrebaugh said...

Man I remember your hair! You should really let it grow out again! Live like Diamond Dave for real!


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