Friday, January 01, 2010

Short Christmas Stories 4: Santa, Coffee

Too much eggnog... Santa's gotta rest his eyes for a bit...SANTA

The Oklahoma Christmas Eve Blizzard of '09 took a toll on everybody's inflatables. Our Santa was buried under 8 inches of snow and ice.

My dad also has a Santa inflatable, but his has a little reindeer standing next to him. Dad told me that he had to unplug his inflatable because he got waterlogged and was sagging so much that, "... it looked like Santa was doing naughty things to Rudolf."

Poor Rudolf.

The gift of chemically-induced ADHDCOFFEE

My in-laws got me a BUNCH of coffee for Christmas. They forget that I'm the only coffee-drinker in the house, and I only have one cup per day at home.

There are 17 coffee packages in that picture. I'll be drinking holiday-themed coffee well into April.

Outstanding. :)


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