Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CPR Class

I got an email at work announcing CPR classes.

I'm not sure why the company decided to offer these. We all have low-impact office jobs, so maybe there's been an outbreak of people choking on Twinkie's.

Oh hi! I'm practicing my CPR.It reminded me of a story I heard about my dad. He may choose to defend his honor if I get too many details wrong, but here goes:

When my dad was 10-ish, he and a school buddy took CPR classes. They were very proud of themselves, with a constant stream of bravado flowing between them. "If somebody chokes, *I'm* gonna save them!" "No you won't, 'cause *I'll* save them first!"

It happened that fairly soon after the classes, the family took a day trip and invited dad's little friend to come with them. Dad and his buddy stood in the middle of a big crowd of people, still chattering at each other about all the lives they would save.

I have the vapors...A woman in front of them fainted and fell backwards.

Dad and his little friend stepped to either side. The woman crashed down between them. They both looked down at her, and then took off running.

I decided not to attend my company's CPR classes. I've heard what responsibility can do to a man.


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At 6:20 AM, Blogger The Tuba Geek said...

I am with you on that, Jeff. When Aidan's accident happened, my brain went to mush. When I dove in the water to get him, I did everything I shouldn't have. Remember, I'm an Eagle Scout who ad merit badges in First Aid, Lifesaving, Safety, etc. Let's just say that if his neck had been broken, there would have been no joy in Mudville that day.

My mother-in-law is a trained nurse. I let her take over and concentrated on calling 911. It was safer that way.

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I found another link that made me think of you today:

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