Monday, November 01, 2010

Everybody Loves A Parade

This happened last week, before the elections.

Vote early! Vote often!
My wife got home from running a few errands. "You'll never believe what happened to me!", she said unhappily. "I left the store to come home and wound up in a dang parade!"

Turns out there was some local Tea Party gathering near us. They had a "parade" of about 6 cars, all slowly cruising and honking and waving "Please Vote!" signs. My wife got stuck behind them, effectively becoming the last float.

"Aw, how cute!", I said. "You're my pretty little Tea Party activist."

"Well, I did feel like taking some kind of action," she growled menacingly.

If I'm not a witch... and you're not a rabbit... what are we?
"If you're a Tea Party lady," I asked seriously, "Does that mean you're a witch?"

The glare I got was certainly cold enough to be supernatural. If she had the ability to turn me into a toad, I'd be catchin' flies right now.

I'm glad I'm not in politics. It's a dirty sport.


At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politics is the last legal bloodsport in America. I feel for Emily getting caught up in it unwillingly.



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