Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Guest (Almost)

This past weekend my fantasy football team played against Big Dawg. We decided to celebrate the event by having Big Dawg come over to our house to watch my team lose to his in person.

lonely... like our hearts after the cancellation...
We bought soda, chips and dip. We put the game on, and cleared out lots of "sit and shout at the TV" space in the living room. We even plugged in a few Christmas decorations so he'd have more reasons to poke fun at me.

Big Dawg was ill and had to cancel.

My wife and sat down on the couch. We looked at the coffee table full of goodies and did what anyone else in our position would have done.

We missed you. More or less.
Later, I sent Big Dawg a message. "We ate like kings! Could you skip out on us again next week?"

I'm sure he'll have something to say about that once his fever dies down.


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