Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I Want Candy

This happened last week, before Halloween.

My wife and I were watching Iron Man 2. We were sitting next to a big bowl of Halloween candy.

One of the packages of Smarties must have been open, because every once in a while I'd catch a whiff of pure sugary goodness. I didn't think anything of it.

Halfway through the movie my wife sniffed the air a bit. "Do you smell something?", she asked.

I had already forgotten the candy scent. "No," I replied.

A few minutes later her nose wrinkled again. "Did you light a candle?", she asked.

"You would have noticed," I pointed out. "I've been sitting here the whole time."

A few more minutes passed. "Is that...?", she ventured, "... is that you?"

By now I was smelling the candy scent again. "Honey, 'pure sugar' is not one of the many odors my body can produce."

We had to pause the movie so she could recover.

I'm now required to carry a stick of deodorant with me at all times so that she'll have something to cram down my mouth if I get snarky again.


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