Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This Has Got To Go

Three's Company!
Web Ninja came by our office recently. He was talking to SpanFan and M16 about some of the projects we're all working on.

As I walked by their discussion I saw M16 pointing at something on the screen. "This has got to go," he was saying.

Clearly, they were talking about changes to our project. Most likely something minor, like changing the way that particular web page looks.

Even though I could easily tell what they were talking about, I decided to pretend otherwise. I walked past the group and said, "All I heard you guys say was, 'this has got to go.'" I pointed at Web Ninja. "I agree."

My vengeance will be prolonged, foul bringer of misery...
Web Ninja glared daggers at me. A soft growl rumbled up from the back of his throat.

Web Ninja usually has no problem coming up with snarky replies to my snarky nonsense. Either he was having a *really* bad day, or he just simply doesn't want to play anymore.

Ha! As if that will save him. :)


At 9:15 AM, Anonymous P-Ziddy said...

Perhaps your blood-soaked visage reminded him of your previous victims and frightened him into silence.

Blog word: ainit
"I ainit dead"

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Who is really willing to take the chance?

At 12:11 PM, Blogger jeff.w.mcclung said...

I'm pretty sure I wasn't blood-soaked. That day, anyway.

At 12:32 PM, Anonymous P-Ziddy said...

I assumed you don't even notice the blood anymore.

At 2:29 PM, Blogger jeff.w.mcclung said...


Holy buckets I needed that laugh.

And yes... you may be right.

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous old friend said...

hi jeff its an old friend from high school. you should blog about gym class!

At 4:12 PM, Blogger jeff.w.mcclung said...

Gym class? I have no memories of gym class that are worthy of anything other than a psychiatrist's couch.

Unless there's a specific memory that I've repressed that you're trying to invoke?... I may not thank you for that, you know... ;)


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