Monday, December 03, 2007

New Hire

About a month ago, the Farmer left us for (ready for it?) greener pastures (woka woka!). I hear that he's pretty happy at his new job, although I'm sure he misses my excellent sense of humor.

To infinity... and a blonde!Obviously, at that point the search for new talent kicks in. This has been a pretty normal process, except for the occasional outbursts of encouragement from Lightyear. He kept telling the Golfer (at significant volume), "This is your chance! You gotta find you a tall leggy blonde! It don't matter if she can work the keyboard or not!"

Well, today our new hire will take his (yes, *his*) place in the office. Lightyear happened to drop by a day or two ago, and the Golfer broke the news to him.

"Lightyear, just wanted to let you know we hired somebody."
"Really?!? Tell me you picked up a tall leggy blonde! That's what ya really need!"
"No, actually, he's a quiet middle-aged Asian male."
All my dreams, torn asunder
At this news, you could visibly see Lightyear's heart break. There was a rare moment of silence as he gaped open-mouthed at the Golfer. Trust me on this, it's *rare* to have silence in the same room with Lightyear.

Slowly, with a shocked and dazed look on his face, he turned toward Big Dawg and me. "Guys," he said, with great sadness, "... you see the path he's leadin' you down..."

Even now, I have no response for that.

BTW, welcome aboard, leggy blonde wanna-be! I'll think up a nickname for you eventually...



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