Monday, January 03, 2011

My New Year's Resolution

Everybody stand on one leg!

Blow something up!

Have some badly pixelated hats!
I have settled on my New Year's Resolution.

Of course, when making a resolution, it's important to be specific with your goals. Naturally, I have decided to ignore this advice and take a swing at "vague".

Therefore, my resolution is...

Never anything less. Always something more.

Just now, I got chills reading that. I'm sure you did too, but hands off! This is *my* New Year's Resolution! Get your own!

More of anything is, by definition, better. More bowls of Cheetos. More brands of deodorant. More bags of lawn clippings. More!

I will be enjoying my year of "something more". I hope you all enjoy your year of "whatever".

Tune in next year for my 2012 Resolution: Never anything less. Always something more. Voyage of the Dawn Treader.


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous P-Ziddu said...

More stress at work. I think you are well on your way towards that resolution. Good job.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger jeff.w.mcclung said...

Was there ever any doubt?

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Michael said...

More cowbell. I shall provide.

At 10:03 PM, Blogger sleepinl8 said...

wtf lol


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