Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Office Christmas Party

The "Office Christmas Party" is always good for a laugh. We had our annual Dirty Santa gift exchange, which was dominated by tools this year.

Seriously, there were at least 4 different tool sets being passed around. There was also a tool tote/storage bag that a couple of guys wrestled over. I guess it's not a real man's tool bag unless it's got blood on it.

"You will blog about this"
Somebody commented that the little numbered slips we drew looked like fortune cookie innards. It reminded me of an old story... Once at a Chinese place with a group of co-workers from the Bad Place, I was called upon to read my fortune cookie to the whole table.

I looked at my slip and said, "You will die alone and afraid, secure in the knowledge that no one ever loved you... aw, I *always* get that one."

There were a couple of obvious DVD movies among the Dirty Santa presents. While one was being opened I pretended I could already see the title. "Oh!... Eat, Pray, Love!" The guy opening it brightened up quite a bit when he saw that it was actually Iron Man 2.

Good for what ails ya
The funniest gift by far was the Bacon Gift Sack. The guy pulled out a little card that read, "There are 5 bacon-related items in this sack!" He pulled out bacon-ranch dressing, bacon lip balm, and bacon soda. I don't remember all the bacon-items in there, but I do remember that once he got them all out, there were six.

I couldn't help myself. I shouted, "There are at least five and perhaps as many as FOURTEEN bacon-related items in this sack!"

I'm such a pain. I don't think they're going to let me back next year.


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