Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Chill In The Air

I have learned that a sense of humor is not a helpful thing to have when dealing with Building Maintenance.

Sorry. Hiccups.Last week the A/C started blowing and never stopped. As you can imagine, A/C in late fall tends to annoy. After almost a full day of this, I sent a message to my boss that said;

"The A/C is on over here. It seems pretty enthusiastic, too. I must say, it's blowing cool air quite appropriately for a unit of its type in July."

My boss passed the message along to Maintenance. Next thing I know, a jumpsuited man appeared next to my desk. "Did it stop makin' noises?"


I can fix anything that's already working"Oh, it must be intermittent. Rampin' up, spewing dust, that sort of thing?"

"No. It's just on. I'd like it not to be."

"OK, I'll see if I can find the noise for you, get that calmed down."

Within a minute we had maintenance guys up in the ceiling tiles, clanging and banging. One guy shouted, "The fan's still blowin'!" Then there was the most spectacular metallic farting noise I've ever heard... and I sit next to a freight elevator, so I know what I'm talking about.

A few minutes later, the Building Manager came over to my desk. I shall forever refer to him as "Pronoun Man" because of the way the conversation started.

"Is it still doin' it?"

I'm gonna need a second coatEventually, our language issues were sorted out. They assured me that the problem was, in fact, real. And that they would try to maybe do something about it soon. Ish.

The A/C blew for almost 2 solid days before the problem was sorted out.

P-Ziddy's insight was most appropriate. "Building Maintenance does have a sense of humor. How else to you explain the fact that you have to go outside to warm up?"


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