Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Food Poisoning Pie

A three course meal... who needs meat?My mom got a phone call from my Grandpa. "Did you buy or make any pies for Thanksgiving this year?"

Mom was a bit confused. "No. You talked to me about this already. You said not to bother, don't buy any pies, don't make any pies. I haven't even thought about pies. Why?"

"Oh." Grandpa was typically blunt. "I forgot what I told you about that, and when I was coming home today I bought 4 pies. Grandma had already bought 4 pies herself, so I guess we're gonna have 8 pies this year."

The best part is that this conversation took place early LAST WEEK. This year for Thanksgiving we are going to have 8 ten-day-old pies.
Should the pie be moving?
If you don't hear from me on Monday you'll know that they weren't frozen. I will try to avoid eating from the sugar-encrusted petri dishes, but I've never been all that smart.

Wish me luck! Happy Thanksgiving, all!


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