Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Stories

Bad Hair Day

I have an elderly Uncle who is a bit eccentric. He really outdid himself this year, though.

All I want is to be beautiful!My parents walked into my grandparent's house and there was Uncle, with his twiggy white hair sticking up in all different directions. He was sitting at the table, looking down, mumbling to himself. He did not acknowledge my parents in any way.

After a couple of "Hi, how are you?" lines of conversation, he interrupted everyone by shouting, "WHO'S TAKING ME TO WALMART?!?"

Grandpa volunteered. The two left. Grandma smiled and told my parents, "Never mind him... he's having a bad hair day."

A half-hour later the pair returned. Uncle had a new can of hair cream, and his brittle locks were smoothed down into his normal "look". He sat down at the table and sighed. "That's better." He finally looked up and recognized my parents. "Good to see you!"

...So I Can Pet The Puppy

I was sitting next to Dad after the Thanksgiving meal. My youngest nephew (3 years old) ran by, chasing one of my Grandpa's dogs.

I was looking forward to the attention..."Pa-pa!", he shouted, seeing my Dad. "Kin you pick up da puppy so I kin pet him?"

Dad smiled. He picked up my Grandpa's little dog and set it down on his lap.

Little Nephew grinned his crazy-happy little grin. Then, without touching the dog, he turned and walked away.

Grandpa's dog looked at us both as if to say, "Can I go now?"

Poor puppy.


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