Thursday, December 10, 2009

Playing Cupid

I never said I was a good CupidThere's this couple that my wife and I know. They are inseparable, and really cute together. They also stubbornly refuse to admit that they are anything other than friends.

We were hanging out with them recently, and I decided to play Cupid a bit. I figured I could drop a subtle hint or two.

I took my wedding ring off and rolled it across the floor toward them. "Whoops!", I shouted as I dove for the ring. "Sorry about that. The silly thing got away from me. I'd forget my own wife if she wasn't wife'd onto me all permanent-like."

Will you marry me?!? I mean, her?!?I held the ring up for both of them to see. "Funny how rings make you think about rings, isnt it?"

I got silent, angry glares in reply.

"It was a nice try," my wife told me later. "I'm sorry I was laughing while he was kicking you."

It's OK. I'm sure it won't be the last time.


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