Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Problems With A Short Word

We had a meeting at work. It was one of those big presentation-type things, where a bunch of people from different departments all attempt not to sit too close to each other while pretending to pay attention to the speaker and trying not to look too dissapointed about the lack of donuts.

Not only did our speaker mumble vaguely about nothing for minutes at a time, but he also had problems with the word "of".

I've always had a love of... of... of of of... of... of of... of... Pauly Shore..."Well, as you can see, this is a time of... of of... of... of of of of of... of... great importance for..."

"We have a big need of... of... of of of of of of of of... of of... of... of progress on..."

"An optimist would say that his glass is half full of of of... of... of of... of of of of of of... of... of of scotch."

Literally every time a sentence contained the word "of" he would stammer like a verbal jackhammer.

Half-way through the meeting he noticed somebody sitting on the back row. "Oh look!", he said. "We have a Jack Nicholson impersonator with us today!"

There'd better be donuts!Everybody turned around. Sure enough, one of our employees bears a resemblance to a young cuckoo's nest. His name tag said, "Here's Johnny!". He was carrying an axe and sweating.

I pretended to get a call so I could leave early. I'm still not sure what the meeting was about.


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