Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Gift Ideas

My parents have been asking for a Christmas list. It's always hard to come up with gift ideas for myself. Last year, in desperation, I told them I wanted a new "topper" for my Christmas Tree. The silent unblinking stares went on for quite a bit longer than was comfortable.

"Gee. Way to challenge us."

Tasteful. Yeah.When pressed for any further ideas, I gave up and said, "I dunno. Something tasteful." My dad has a mean sense of humor. I wound up getting a sequined thong that said "Amelie" on it.

This year, the fun begins again. I thought about asking for a Wii, but I doubt I'd actually use it. Power tools crossed my mind, but I like my fingers. I even considered asking for Chicago, but if it's not good enough for Oprah, then it's not good enough for me.

Instead, I've decided to ask for another sequined thong that says "Amelie" on it. I may as well have a set.


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